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10/14/16 - Brexit Anxiety: Penny Foolish, Pound-Wise (I)
10/11/16 - ‘Kitchen Sink’ Era Ending for Global Monetary Policy (F,i)
06/24/16 - Brexit Panic Should Abate Soon; Little Macro Damage (I)

10/23/14 - Dollar Rally to Have Only Modest Impact on US Inflation, Trade (E,i)

03/18/11 - Japan Supply Disruptions Should Be Short-Lived (I)
03/14/11 - Over Mid-Term, Japan Crisis Will Boost Oil Prices (I)

05/21/10 - EU Criisis Should Have Only Modest Impact on USA (E,i)
05/13/10 - Euro-TARP Offers Solid, Necessary First Step (I)

10/22/07 - Exports Helping Economy Through Soft Patch (E, i)


03/23/06 - Protectionism Fears Groundless; Trade Barriers Not Rising (I)
02/23/06 - Do Current Account Deficits (Dark) Matter?  (E,i)

07/21/05 - Fed Minutes Back Continued ‘Measured’ Rate Hikes  (F,i)
06/16/05 - China Currency Reforms Unlikely to Benefit U.S. (I, G)
06/09/05 - Global Test Suggests Tighter U.S. Policy Needed  (F,i)

12/10/04 - Dollar Decline Likely to Encourage Further Fed Tightening (F,i)
02/09/04 - Melting Down the China Syndrome (I)

10/15/03 - Central Banks Grow More Optimistic About Growth (I)
05/09/03 - ECB Follows Fed Lead On Deflation Fears  (I)
03/18/03 - International Central Bank Policy Update (I)
01/29/03 - International Central Bank Policy Update  (I)

09/24/02 - International Central Bank Policy Update (I,f)
08/14/02 - International Central Bank Policy Update (I,f)
06/24/02 - International Central Bank Policy Update (I,f)

10/10/01 - Less Int'l Trade Flows Likely Due To 9/11 (I,e)


04/23/99 - Improving Int'l Situation Bolstering U.S, Profits (E,i,c)
03/25/99 - U.S. Trade Bal. To Trough In '99, Aided By  Improving Growth Abroad (Esp. Asia) & Stable Dollar (E,i)
01/21/99 - U.S. Trade Balance Should Trough Soon (E,I)

11/11/98 - Policymakers Actions Calm Markets Worldwide; U.S. Economy Slowing, But Recession Unlikely (E,f,i)
09/23/98 - Monitoring Asia's Impact On The U.S. Economy (I,e,d)
06/26/98 - Except For The Yen, Most Asian Currencies Stable In This Second Round Of Turmoil  (I)
06/04/98 - International Trade Drag & Domestic Strength Combination Likely To Keep Fed On The Sidelines (E,f,i)
05/28/98 - Russian Situation Looks Ugly; Still Cautiously Optimistic On Asia As Currencies Hold (I)
03/06/98 - Asian Turmoil Should Impact Real Trade Deficit Much More Than Nominal Trade Deficit (E,i)
02/12/98 - Asia Having Less Impact Than Expected So Far (E,i)
01/21/98 - Many Asian Stock Markets Now At Levels Lower Than At The End Of 1989 (I)
01/14/98 - Keynes’ Corridor: World Economy Likely To Adjust Without Major Policy Intervention (T,i)

12/05/97 - US Trade: Mexico Versus Asia (I)
10/24/97 - Asian Turmoil To Subtract % From US 1998 Real Growth (E,i)
10/16/97 - 1998 Global Growth To Be Strong Despite Asian Currency  (I)
07/03/97 - Rating The Independence Of Central Banks Around The World (F,i,t)

11/20/96 - The Case For A Stronger Dollar (E,i)
11/06/96 - Foreign 'Dumping' Has Held Down U.S. Growth (E,i)
09/25/95 - Trade Deficit Fails To Shrink; Foreign Firms Sustain Output With Cheap Exports (E,i)
06/07/95 - Export & Import Inflation At Record Highs (E,i)
04/18/95 - Low Export & Import Inflation Was Helping Hold Down U.S. Inflation (P,i)
02/22/95 - Detailed Examination of U.S. Exports, By Country And End Use Categories (I,d)
01/06/95 - Mexican Crisis' Impact On U.S. Real GDP Growth Should Be Modest (E,i)

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