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About FMI
Founded in 1982, FMI provides economic insights, in-depth data analysis,
and investment strategies for institutional money managers and planners.
About FMI

Founded in 1982, Free Market Inc. (FMI) is a full-service economic consulting firm, providing insights and in-depth data analysis primarily for institutional money managers and corporate planning directors.

FMI digs deeply into a wide range of data and reports and does not hesitate to deviate from the consensus view when appropriate. FMI offers both a comprehensive overview and in-depth detail that enable clients to integrate FMI’s insights into their decision-making process.

FMI has compiled a solid record of timely, independent and accurate economic forecasts. FMI blends its unique analysis of indicators and experience with economic cycles into a consistent overall outlook.

Michael T. Lewis
Mr. Lewis is the founder of FMI.  He earned a BS from MIT and an MA from UCLA in economics, and has completed all course work and exams towards a Ph.D.  Before founding FMI, Mr. Lewis was an economist at Data Resources, Inc. and Atlantic Richfield Co.  He was Chief Economist from 1978 to 1982 at Stein Roe & Farnham.

Gordon O. Parrish
Associate Economist
Mr. Parrish earned a BA in economics and did doctoral work at the University of Chicago.  He rejoined FMI in 1999.

Jason Karaian

Mr. Karaian earned a BA in economics from Northwestern University.  He joined FMI in 2000.

Lindsey Lewis also helps out on a part-time basis during busy periods.

Sample Content

Data Reports (e.g. Employment Situation, GDP Report, Fed Funds Futures Analysis)
FMI analyses and summarizes key economic indicators with tables and graphs, showing underlying trends. These reports also include formal written comments and/or margin notes highlighting important points. FMI provides perspective and, where appropriate, suggests the report's potential impact on real GDP. A few months of past data reports are maintained. 
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Short Pieces (e.g. "FMI's Take On Fed Rate Cut", "Reasons For Difference Between Payroll & Household Job Counts")
FMI produces frequent, one-page articles focusing on a range of economic and investment issues. Past pieces (to 1994) are organized into 9 categories.
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Other Reports
Includes FMI's monthly forecast, an analysis of the US dollar, and graphic summaries of key economic indicators.

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